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International Equine Breeders


Andalusian Foals 2003
Appaloosa Foals 2003
Appaloosa Foals (page.2)
Appaloosa Foals (page. 3)
Akhal-Teke Foals 2003
Azteca Foals 2003
Arabian Foals 2003
Arabian Foals (page. 2)
Arabian Foals (page. 3)
Arabian Foals (page.4)
Arabian Foals (page.5)
Half Arabian Foals 2003
Half Arabians(page. 2)
Half Arabians (page. 3)
Half Arabians (page.4)
Half Arabians (page. 5)
Bashkir Curly Foals 2003
Belgian Foals 2003
Cheval Canadien Foals 2003
Cleveland Bay Foals 2003
Foxtrotter Foals 2003
Friesian Foals 2003
Hanoverian Foals 2003
Irish Draught Foals 2003
Irish Draught Sport Horse Foals 2003
Lipizzaner Foals 2003
Miniature Horse Foals 2003
Mini Foals (page 2)
Morgan Foals 2003
Paint Foals 2003
Paint Foals (page. 2)
Paint Foals (page. 3)
Paint Foals(page. 4)
Paint Foals (page. 5)
Paint Foals (page. 6)
Paint Foals (page.7)
Paint Foals (page. 8)
Paint Foals (page. 9)
Pasofino & Peruvian Paso Foals 2003
Percheron Foals 2003
Pony Foals 2003
Pony Foals (page.2)
Quarter Horse Foals 2003
Quarter Horse Foals(page 2)
Quarter Horse Foals(page. 3)
Quarter Horse Foals (page.4)
Quarter Horse Foals (page. 5)
Rocky Mountain Foals 2003
Saddlebred Foals 2003
Spotted Saddle Horse Foals 2003
Tennessee Walker Foals 2003
Thoroughbred Foals 2003
Warmblood Foals 2003
Warmblood Foals (page.2)
Warmblood Foals (page.3)
Warmblood Foals (page.4)
Warmblood Cross Foals 2003

If you are in search of a foal with a particular line of breeding or from a favourite sire or dam, please fill out the following form. Your requests
will posted free of charge.

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Arabian Foal Postings Wanted

  • Imperial Madheen daughters, granddaughters or great granddaughters..colour black

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