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2008 Jasmine Foal(sold)

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Wilderness Storm


BR Jasmine


AA Dantez was born Feb 17/08. He is black/bay with a thick, wavy, black mane & tail just like his daddy. He has a star and one white sock..Dantez will be registered in the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry.  His dam is a purebred, homozygous black, halter winning mare from the States. His sire is a  gorgeous, Registered, Tri coloured Part Arabian Stallion who is very athletic. The fact that the sire watched over the delivery of his son, lives in the same pastures/barn and  partakes in his son's care is a testament to his good nature. Dantez will make great 4H project for youth  with his athleticism and  fun, friendly personality. First $100 deposit will ensure this tall, dark and handsome fellow is trotting through your pasture this summer! Payment plan adjusted to suit your budget. Click above links to go to sire and dam web pages. Please email with any and all questions, I don't mind! :)

Standing Pinto, Part Arabian Stallion, Wilderness Storm

Annick Arabians
Lanark, Ontario Canada
613 259 9165

6 Months

Dantez has offically been named "Stormy's Thunder'n Wildfire" by his new owner..



Video of practicing trailer Loading day before leaving for new home..