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Dixie's Pups 2009


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Dixie is a 13" beagle, both parents being beagles..She has been an awesome pet with her social, gentle, smart, fun loving personality. She is good to go for big walks in the bush and yet staying aware of where I am and coming back frequently to check..When encountering deer I have asked her once NOT to chase and she she just looks and continues on our walk. If I turn off the 4 wheeler and tell her she can go look for rabbits she will..she seems to have good drive and can relocate the scent if lost. She is pretty good to continue our walk when i say enough hunting for now..I can't say enough good about our little beagle..she is excellent to listen , super with children, cats, other dogs and horses..Dixie has also made trips to the nursing home to visit the elderly(many who have hunted with and loved beagles in their day).




Call Ann at 613 259 9165 for viewing of the pups