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International Equine Breeders 2008

Thoroughbred Foals

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Warmblood Cross Foals

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Classic Copper


Here is a unique opportunity to own a rare palomino Thoroughbred colt! This jockey club registered boy will be a dark palomino colour like his dam after shedding winter coat. He is very calm and easy to handle. Sired by Bit of Class and out of a Gold Apollo daughter. These are incredible conformation hunter bloodlines! Price includes retained breedings. No trades. Serious enquiries preferred. Price $9500 American. Located in Virginia USA. Email:

Uptown Girlfriend


Striking Bay 2 year old Tb/Appy Cross.  "Lilly" should mature to 16 hands plus. The only App characteristic is a white hind striped foot.  We are predicting that she will be an exceptional hunter due to her conformation and ground covering stride.  She long lines and has been started under saddle.  Her best characteristic appears to be her mind, she thinks well and has been ridden consistently by a 12 year old girl!  Price negotiable to a good home. Price is $4000 American. Located in Milton, West Virginia USA. email:


(No longer needing to sell)


TB yearling gelding. Has been imprinted, lounges, long lines, green broke, ties, trailers. Takes new things in stride. Secretariat/First Landing/Nijinsky/Native Dancer. 15.2hds at 18mths Excellent conformation: good bone but not heavy, balanced uphill, fantastic combination movement, small typey dished head and perfect tipped ears.Knows voice commands, yeilds to light pressures, does flexion exercises. Make a great dressage/eventer. Is worth $1M to us but  must sacrifice  ...taking offers. Located in New England USA. email: