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Wilderness Storm(PtHA 83001)



We had a flashy, tri colour, part Arabian colt born on July 23/09. He is a handsome, brave, friendly and willing lad who will be double registered in the Arabian and Pinto registries. His sire is a gorgeous, Pinto Arabian Cross stallion. The fact that the sire watched over the delivery of his son, lives in the same pastures/barn and partakes in his son's care is a testament to his good nature. His dam is a flaxen chestnut, purebred Arabian with white socks and a blaze. She is  a triple bask bred mare, a granddaughter of the famous Amurath Baikal with the most fabulous, quiet mind. This is a very good deal folks as these coloured arab crosses often go for $3000 and up and this is a very nice colt. The low price is to ensure his sale.
$100 deposit  and $100/month will ensure this handsome , colourful fellow is trotting through your pasture this summer! Click above links to go to sire and dam web pages. Please email with any and all questions, I don't mind! :)

Annick Arabians
Lanark, Ontario
613 259 9165

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