International Equine Breeders 2008

Morgan Foals

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Shalite SingularSensation


Do take advantage of this opportunity to own an extremely promising, Thunderbay daughter! This fabulous bay filly won her filly class at 6 weeks of age at C-Fair,  was 3rd in filly futurity and 2nd in Broodmare & Foal. This doll has a long elegant, shapely neck, a thick full mane & tail and should mature to 14.3HH. She has a beautiful classic head, nice straight legs and is extremely intelligent.  Has a lovely floating trot with lots of extension. Upheaded and showy and will make an excellent dressage or driving prospect. With an A1 temperament everything is easy with her. Dam is a Trebles Willy Wild granddaughter and sire is the multi-champion Thunderbay! Price is $4800 US. Located in Washington, USA. Email:



Chestnut or Liver Chestnut Colt.  Flyhawk, Saddleback Sentinel Breeding, Should mature to 15 hands. Price is $2000 American. Located in Wisconsin USA.   email:

SC Island Angel


2-yr.-old registered Morgan filly, mature to 15 hands. "Sophie" is bold, fearless,  extremely level-headed and will make somebody an excellent riding horse. She was bred to be a sport horse and has a beautiful, reaching trot and a very nice, easygoing canter. She leads, ties, trailers and lunges, stands well for the vet and farrier and to be bathed and groomed. Sophie carries neat old blood up close, and will also make an amazing broodmare for somebody who is looking to breed true Morgans. She is extremely correct, and will pass on her beautiful color as an extra bonus. Her sire is currently training to be a reiner, and her dam was an In-hand champion in her younger years. Price is $7500 American. Located in Eastwood, Kentucky USA. Please email for more information and pictures, or to make an appointment to come see her. email:

Camelot's Pride



Reg. DNA tested 2nd generation Moriesian filly, out of our
Moriesian stallion Ivan-Reno. Located in Flagstaff, Arizona USA. Price is $5000 US. Click on Photo to go to Medallion Moriesians for more details and contact information.