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Arabian Foals

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Tsatans Revelry Dancer


Beautiful colt starting to grey out now. Sire is grandson of Gdansk and beautiful light grey. Dam goes back to Bask with many other champions. More pics available. Price is $3000 American. Located in Wyoming

One Starry Nyte


Elegant bay, has been shown,! Excellent show prospect! Very willing to please! Out of a Baske-Tu mare! Price is $3500 American. Located in Dallas

CLF Sharif El Asil


Beautiful Bay colt with bloodlines of Ibn Moniet El Nefous, Shaikh Al Badi, Sekina, and Bint Moniet El Nefous.  Picture taken at just under 4 months of age.  He has size, substance, and a beautiful floating trot. "Sharif" is Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, and Blue List.  Price is $4000.00 Canadian. Located in Ontario Canada. email:

Stryke Up The Band


This flashy red roan 2 year old colt is as handsome as it gets.  He is by US and Australian National Champion *Fairview Klassique and out of a pure Polish mare-Pro Giera who is a granddaughter of Aloes, the 1982 National Champion Stallion of Poland.  His is double registered with the Pinto Horse Association, with paperwork pending as well as the AHR.  He has been shown in hand on the line at the "A" rated hunter pony shows in Virginia and Maryland and he never placed less than 4th.  He would make an amazing stud for either purebred mares or as an outcross for fancy flashy show ponies.  He currently stands 14.1/2hh.  He has wonderfull manners and is a joy to work around.  His brothers and sisters are winning internationally in all disciplines, grab him now and finish him in your chosen style of riding. Price is $5000 American. Located in Berryville, VA USA .email:

RAF Mosabi Bey


Well mannered colt. Not studdy at all. Leads, ties, loads, clips we are working on bathing but it is coming along nicely. He trots in hand and will back up and whoa on command. Very sweet and gentle. Awesome bloodlines! Price is $2000 American. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina

Jabez SA


Tall, typey, BLACK Straight Egyptian colt by exotic black stallion, Al Baraki (Thee Desperado son).  Al Baraki is one of the world's most beautiful black Arabians and is a "Leading Juvenile Sire" world wide.  The colt's damline includes both *Simeon Shai and The Minstril.  This colt is bred to win in the showring and be a top herd sire.  He's exotically beautiful, flashy and a crowdstopper.  He has a very upright neck, dishy head and straight legs.  He is Pyramid Society and National Futurities nominated. Price is $12 000 American.  Located at 680 Mihara Lane , Corvallis, Montana 59828. email:

Black Char Tracker


Good sized foal with lovely head and neck, Polish/Egyptian cross,easy to work with, learns quickly, all black except small star. 26 crosses to black and should be breeding quality. Price is $1000 American. Price does not reflect quality. Located in Nunda, New York

Calico Khelee


Calico Khelee is a beautiful Khemo/Padron granddaughter with Khemo's famous spots.  She has 4 white high stockings, blaze, white on chin, belly spots and a splash of white on her flank.  She is a joy to work with and loves to be with people and scratched all over. She picks up her feet, clips, bathes and has been shown at 4 months. I think she will be western and hunter as she gets older, plus dressage or endurance.  I can't seem to say enough good about her. She will make an excellent addition to your show string or breeding program. Price is $4500 American. Located in Charlotte, Tennessee

Khemo's Wannabee



Wannabee is a stunning gelding, with long slender neck, big eyes and great movement. His full brothers are halter champions and going extremely well under saddle. Looks like he has English Pleasure potential and definitely halter! Price is $3000 Canadian. Located in Eastern Ontario Canada. email:

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