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Sonny was purchased in April from a local auction and since then had been worked with almost every day since. He loves to be lunged and is great on the ground. Has been ground driven and had people sitting and being lead around with. He has started to be taught tricks and loves to jump and pose on hay bails and is being taught to bow. He has had regular farrier work and all vaccs are up to date. Has a great color and would look fancy under harness, just needs to be worked with more. Price is $500 Canadian . Located in Kenora Ontario

Highspot HeZa Charmer

Chestnut now but will have frosting and flakes later. Imprinted at and since birth, "charm" is a charm. Very level headed and easy to handle. His sire is world champion, "Holiday Gold Rush", a palamino P.O.A.. He should mature to be about 14 hands. Price is $2500 American. Located in Oregon USA. email:

ElDiHans Scottie


PINTO POA! Scottie was an experiment and a darn good one!  Granted he can't be registered in either breed but with his temperment and color he will knock your socks off!  His Mom has been shown extensively in everything by my niece-She has taken Grand and Reserve many times with her in open shows and 4-H. She is a medium size pony with a fantastic attitude. I was pleased to see that Scottie has inherited his Mom's color and personality.  His sire is double linebred GOLD PRINCE with a pussy cat temperment. He will be available in early December.  Price is $1200 American. Located in Welch, MN USA. Thanks for visiting and E-Mail for updated

ElDiHans Little Ceasar


POA Gelding! He is Drop Dead Gorgeous!!! I was disappointed when he was born as his mom had not thrown a lot of color before.  He had white spots on both sides of his rump but it wasn't real noticeable.  This spring he really started to "Roan Out" and has developed dark spots.  Now when the sun hits him he looks like "Silver".  He has a dainty head with a large eye and long neck.  He will stay relatively small, around 53" to 54".  Nice size for children.  He should be shown as his sire was International Weanling Champion in 1992. Bounce Back Jack is his name.  He clips, stands for the farrier, and longes. He is a smart little guy and loves attention.  He has a lot of potential and is being wasted here on our farm.  E-Mail me for more pictures. Thanks for visiting! Price is $1500 American. Located in Welch, MN

ElDiHans Gold N Moment


She is a dynamite POA filly who needs a show home. A Beautiful leopard with red sorrel spots all over, she will definitely be noticed!  Her conformation is perfect. She has a long well set on neck with lots of shape, huge hip and legs that are straight as an arrow. With wonderful soft movement I love watching her in the pasture.  She is a very athletic youngster and should make a great performance mare! Intensely linebred Gold Prince, top and bottom,  this was a great cross! E-Mail me for pictures or a video.  An appointment would be perfect to enable you to see for yourself what a great baby she really is!  Yup. she is a good one. Price is $2500 American. Located in Welch, MN USA. email:

ElDiHans Gold N Molly


A fantastic palomino with a blanket to shoulders and spots galore.  She won't be missed in or out of the show ring.  She is a "pasture pest" when we are out there begging for scratches.  A sweetheart that will mature around 55" to 56". She is a well put together filly and should perform accordingly.  Her pedigree contains such greats as Gold Prince, HiVa Avitar & Two Eye Jack. What more could you ask for?  Price is $2500 American. Located in Welch, MN USA. E-Mail for more pictures or better yet, come and see the gang!  Thanks for visiting. email:

I'm A Photo Finish (Pending)


Born April 24, 2002.  Sorrel Paint/Pinto Pony. Strawberry is the dam of this cute little guy, Sire is Breeze of Class, his Sire is Ris Key Business, Multiple World Champion (reining & working cow horse) as well as the Highest Performance Point Producing Sire In the History of APHA.  Wow I can't believe the color pattern on this guy, Very eye catching.  He was hand imprinted at birth & just loves attention. Tazz should mature to around 14 Hands. He has already met his first cow, though he ran like the dickens, I'm sure he will learn all the moves.. I am going to send the papers in to the American Paint Pony Registry and the Pinto Horse Association (pony) He will be a Double Registered Pony!!  Keep him a stallion or geld him. Either way put him to work.  This guy already is the eye of the town.. Tazz is priced at $1200.Located in Michigan USA.  email: 



This 2002 registered Half Arabian/Pony filly is stunning. She has a lot of action and beauty not to mention perfect conformation. She is very level headed and she should excel in any discipline. She will make a perfect sport pony or 4H project. She is stout, well boned and should mature to 13.2 to 13.3hh. She is a liver/gray in color with a very thick and long mane and tail. She has very strong and hard feet. She would make an outstanding broodmare for a pony farm. Price is $1500 American. Located in Howard City, Michigan , USA. Email:

AA Santa Maria


We have a great deal on this filly. 0 down and $100/month!!. We think she is going to shed out to be a very dark, possibly liver chestnut colour. With her white socks, large heart for a star, and blondish tail she is quite the flashy girl and has personality too. She is fun loving, playful, very sweet and athletic. Maria will finish up around 14hh but shouldn't go over the 14.2 mark. She is fast, athletic, willing and could do just about anything you ask.. Maria's daddy is a tri coloured anglo-arab who lives in with, cares for his offspring and has a fabulous temperament. Her mom is a liver chestnut, welsh cross with a people loving temperament. See her website for the latest video of her funny antics(seen in week 3 link). She is gentle/sweet with her humans and could easily be raised with a child being around her. Maria was bred to be sold but it will be very hard to part with this doll..You can watch Maria's web page at for frequent updates, photos, & videos. Price is $1500 and again 0 down and $100/month is available as an option. We are located in Lanark Ontario which is 1 hour west of ottawa and 3 hours east of Toronto.. Make some little girl happy and come for a visit. We have pups for the kids to play with too! It makes for a wonderful drive out here and a great outing. :) You can email, or call Ann Moore at 613 259 9165(home) or 613 812 2042(cell)

** This future sport pony filly is likely worth double this amount but I need to sell the foals before the winter so do take advantage**