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Champion Sired Andalusian Foal (In Utero)


Dreaming of a purebred Spanish Andalusian? Here is the opportunity you have been waiting for... a top quality foal due May 2002 by a gorgeous national champion performance & halter stallion, The General x Querida K, Pure Spanish revised mare, daughter of multi-nat'l CH stallion, Imaginario. Sire & dam are registered in the USA and Spain. Both descend from the top rated horses in Spain (#1 stallion, Leviton and #1 Mare Leva). Both have tremendous presence, movement, (lift & extension), correct conformation and wonderful temperaments. Rare opportunity to have a foal of this quality at a discounted price. $8200 in utero price, good until May 15. Located in Colorado USA. email:

Azteca/Andalusian Filly


This is the SWEETEST foal I have ever had. She comes when you call her name and LOVES attention and being petted and handled. She likes to be handled, petted and scratched. Leviton PRE Andalusian lines, Cutter Bill, Yellow Mount paint & QH lines. Will make a Champion show horse or excellent riding or broodmare. She has the genes, conformation, and temperament to do it all. She is very long legged, has a long neck, and is short coupled and should be well muscled like her dam.  (Photos are at 8 hours and  1 day old) This filly should mature to 16H. She is much taller than last year's filly. Her head looks very Spanish and she is going to be a knock out Azteca. Buy before I decide to keep for my broodmare band. To approved home only. Terms available. $1000 down and payments. Located in Texas, USA. 817-448-8020

Purebred Andalusian Foal(in utero)



$7600 in-utero price.  Out of 15.2H and 16.2H parents and should be tall. WOW! Look at ALL the US & Spain Champions in this FOAL'S pedigree: Dam's lines include-Jugueton V(bay), Jugueton CV (bay), Despierto (black), Capitano, Pandora. Sire's lines include- Granadino XI, Leviton, Jardinero V, Ebano, Maluso 1949. I did not even realize how many champions were in there until I typed this ad. (Maybe I should keep this foal!) Desi's FOAL is offered at a discount if placed under contract before foaling. This foal should have excellent conformation, temperament, and movement. His/Her due date in June 2003. The foal has a very good chance of being BAY or maybe BLACK (which sell for $10,000+) so this is a great in-utero discounted price. The sire -Favorito D is bay and carried 2 color genes. Desi's sire Despierto is black so Desi carries one black gene and one grey gene. Desi (herself) is off the market for now. We may put her back for sale after the foal is born. My husband is quite attached to her.  Desi has dressage type movement with nice suspension, extensions, and reach. This foal should have Desi's extra sweet, affectionate, curious personality. Favorito is 16.2H and also has excellent conformation a wonderful temperament for a stallion and is very well mannered. Both parents have very good solid bone. Desi has great bone and a lot of action and is very straight moving with NO paddling whatsoever. A great home a MUST.  Terms available. Located in Texas, USA. $1000 817-448-8020

In Utero for 2004



One of a kind French Ardennes draft/Andalusian cross foal for sale in utero. Sire is imported Black Andalusian stallion Merlin 1 with champion bloodlines including Estimado V champion of Spain and two of the most influential stallions in Spain, Cortesano and Habenero. This foal will be an incredible and unique sporthorse prospect with incredible strength, stamina and an exceptional temperament. $4500 USD in utero - payment plan available. Price includes registration with IAHLA. Located In British Columbia, Canada. Email:  

In Utero For 2004



This foal will be an excellent sporthorse prospect for any discipline - dressage, hunter, eventing... Sire is imported black Andalusian stallion Merlin 1 who has Champion bloodlines including some of the most influential stallions in Spain - Cortesano, Habenero and Estimado V.  Dam is a rare Spanish-Norman (Andalusian/Percheron) mare whose bloodlines include champion of Spain, Legionario III and Admirado who was the only Andalusian chosen to compete in the Pan American Games in Dressage. If you are looking for a serious competitor, this foal is definetly it. $5000 USD in utero - payment plan available. Price includes registration with IAHLA. Located in British Columbia Canada. Email:

In Utero For 2004



This foal is going to be spectacular! National Champion bloodlines on both sides. Sire is grey Andalusian stallion Regalo whose bloodlines include NW Senior Stallion Champion Quimerico KF, Spanish/Mexican Champion Aguileno VII and the well known bay stallion Teodoro who is a champion of Spain and the USA. Dam is a palomino overo APHA mare with bloodlines including 2 time National Champion for get of sire  Painted Robin, Eternal Son, Leo Bar, Bar Smoke, etc.  This foal should have great color and movement. $4500 USD in utero. Payment plan available. Price includes registration with Azteca registry. Located in British Columbia Canada. Email:

Terminator MFI




D.O.B. - 11th of November 2003. (Pictured at 3 days of age). Pure Spanish Andalusian colt! COLOUR - Intense Red-Bay with 3 white legs.  POTENTIAL HEIGHT - 16.2 to 17 h.h. SIRE - "Assassin of Massey Farms" Proud; Straight moving; Eye catcher - Fantastic dressage prospect. AD$16,000 nursing to AD$20,000 weaned. Located in Geelong, Victoria; AUSTRALIA . To ask questions about this colt or Pure Spanish yearlings; fillies & colts; in the full range of colours EMAIL