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A&R mini Cinco de Mayo Doll


May is an outstanding filly with a great bloodline. Her sire just won AMHA Regional Grand Champion Get of Sire with three of her half-siblings from his yearlings. She was born solid grey, but is not a cream color. Her dam is sorrel and her sire is a blood bay. She is extremely sweet and needs a good loving home. She is correct in everyway. Price is $1500 US. Located in Brenham Texas, USA. email:

Appy Hollow The Effects Of Magic (Toby)



Toby, miniature colt, was born 6/9/02.  His sire is a sorrel with blanket appaloosa measuring 33" and dam is a red roan with blanket measuring 33.5".  He is AMHA/AMHR/WCMHR.  Should mature at 33-33.5".  Very sweet boy!  Since he is a snowcap, he should throw almost 100% appaloosa color bred to any color mare.  Should also make a great driving horse. Price is $1200 American. Located in Pinnacle, North Carolina, USA.Email: