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Akhal-Teke Foals

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Black and White Akhal-Teke/Appaloosa.  Registered under the "NezPerce Horse Registry".  May be registered with the "Akhal-Teke Association of America.  Beautiful and exotic, fluid elastic gaits.  Bred for endurance, jumping and dressage. Price is $5000 American. Located in Lewiston, Idaho USA. email:

Lucy Walton


Lucy will mature to 15.3-16hh. She has beautiful color and a smooth elastic gait. We also have a 2001 full sister for sale. This breed is unique and bred for endurance, jumping and dressage. Beautiful color and coat pattern. Sweet personality. Akhal-Teke/Appaloosa breeding. Registered.  Other foals for sale. Call us at 208-798-7226.-Ronda. Price is $6000 American. Located in Lewiston, Idaho

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