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Warmblood Foals

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This  handsome young man has platinum bloodlines and he could be the best of the best! His dam, Jalburga, by Olympic Ferro, was the first placed NAWPN star mare for all of North America! His brother is a Grand Champion and his dam's 3 year old filly was the top mare in Canada for the CWHBA. This speciall fellow is very correct , an excellent mover and needs to go to a competition home. Enquire on current pricing. Located in British Columbia, Canada. Email:

Santa Callista


An irresistable, rare, black & white,  pinto warmblood filly for sale! So flashy! So sweet! So people oriented! This ISR/Oldenburg  registered doll should mature to 16.2 HH and make a good hunter/dressage prospect. Her dam has good jumping ability and is currently in dressage training. Sire has produced many premium foals at inspection. No Samber blood in this girl and could be crossed with any Samber stallion at maturity.Pedigree does include FuriosoII/Inschallah on dam side and Sandro/Greenhorn on sire side. Price is $5200 US  and price will increase at weaning/inspection. Located in Pennsylvania USA. Email:



This marvelous young animated colt is displaying beautiful, balanced movement and loves to jump! He bounded effortlessly over a 2 foot fence at 5 weeks of age!
Sired by Grand Prix Dressage Champion Trakehner Stallion, Leonidas.
Dam is a stunning Hanoverian mare strictly bred along the finest Hanover's jumping bloodlines. Come see more photos of this highly entertaining, people loving colt along with his parents! Price $20 000 American. Email:



Out of I Love Ruthie and by Jose she is a huge graceful girl with great potential! I am very fond of this filly. She is super eye catching and shows quite the angelic personality! Should mature over 17hh and be one talented lady! Priced at $5500. Located in Texas USA. Email:



Rika is a very attractive, talented filly. Her sire Reno is presently showing in the Young Jumper series with Marggie Engle. Last year he placed 4th in the East Coast finals for Young Jumpers. Her damline has produced successful dressage horses and with several placing at breed shows(DAD).Price is $7500 American. Located in Maryland USA. Email:

Beau GF


Gorgeous, golden palomino German Warmblood baby here! Will finish approx. 16.3hh and is beautiful and correct. Please come and view the world's most exceptional collection of coloured Warmblood Sport Horses and Sport Ponies. Approx 20 babies to choose from and all fabulous looking and extremely athletic. Many born and many more to come! Email for pricing. Located in Germany. email:



This exceptional colt is by the Trakehner Stallion, Aristocrat and out of the Canadian TB, Cocktail Decision. He has 3 excellent gaits and is a very lovely mover. Will be dark bay with 3 socks, an anklet and a nice blaze. His mother produces babies that have nice minds, excellent conformation and good work ethics. I can e-mail photos of his older brother so you can see what he should look like when he matures. He will be worth a lot more as he gets older. Buy now and save thousands. Price is $5000 American. Located in Arizona USA. email:

RAGNS Soleil


RAGNS Soleil is a beautiful chestnut, extremely well moving ,1 year old mare. She exhibits a top dressage pedigree, three extremely good gates and exterior and interior qualities that are hard to find better elsewhere. This horse has the looks and the movements to go all the way.....and she has the willingness to do so!She has recieved the 1. price at the DWB foal show with judges recommendations....her pedigree is top of the top also for breeding....but let her show what she is worth in dressage first :-) Sire: Induc Deu. Trak./DVH . Dam-sire: Ibsen DH/ SWE. Price is $6000American. Located in Jutland Denmark .email:

Marc Chagall



In his pedigree is the late Mascarpone. Marc Chagall sire be consistently producing beautiful foals withsuper movement and golden color. The grand sire line, Arox on his dam site is a wonderful Trakehner with unmistakableArabian influence. At first he completed his stallion performance examination in Marbach as 3 year old and reachedmore than average results in all categories in advance of his year. After succeeding in riding and aptitude text, Arox has continued his carreer in sport and he can come up with a series of victories in the show jumping test of category A, L and M. He qualified for the Federal Championship of the German show jumping horse in Warendorf as one of the few of his kind. Alexandria, the dam of him is main book mare, she is out of my breed, the brother of her go this year international in jumper sport. Marc Chagall have a colossally impeccable pedigree and he is a perfectly stud colt with great ancestors. Price is $10 000 American. Located in Germany. email:

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